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Monday, January 11, 2016

Wisteria Vine (2015) Feast of Flowers 08

FAWM 2015 - Feast of Flowers

26 - Feast 08 - Wisteria Vine

2015-03-01 @ 04:46am
tags: folk

It's half an hour past midnight and these "failed snippets" became the song. I'm posting it anyway.


The heart endures dreams of passionate kisses
Underneath the wisteria vine
Intoxicating fragrance fills the air
Just how thoughts of you fill my mind

The heart endures aeons of unrequited longings
Underneath the wisteria vine
Sweet the beauty and shade it gives
As I dream, wishing you were mine

My grandfather's grandfather planted this vine
And now it's passed to me I'll make it mine
And pass it to our heir in time
Lovers will kiss and sigh
Underneath the wisteria vine

But oh! I stepped from the painting
All for love of you
But you did not return my care
What's a painted lady to do

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