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Monday, January 11, 2016

Red, Red Rose (2015) Feast of Flowers 06

FAWM 2015 - Feast of Flowers

22 - Feast 06 - Red, Red Rose

2015-02-28 @ 11:24pm
tags: folky folk folkster folk folk lyrics-only
*Sung with a British accent just because*


True love is like a red, red rose
A gift for Earth to know what Heaven knows
A love divine
A scent sublime
True love is like a red, red rose

When the bud springs from the branch
A delicate perfection
Your heart hopes and dreams new love will grow
In a forever direction

When the flower then unfurls
Soft as a baby's skin
Your lives begin to twine up together
Let the work of love begin

When the fruit is ripe for harvest
Winter storms come soon
You must weather the hard times
With memories of June

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