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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Luxury Is A Necessity (FAWM 2016)

Luxury Is A Necessity

FAWM 2016

Envisioning this as a show tune, maybe cabaret jazz?

Liner Notes

Ok wine being food *is* a stretch... but...


Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
Twenty dollar coffee beans and a mirror for the loo 
A record player and a big soft chair
Cause I ain't going anywhere

You can take your mansion and shove it
You can take your fine cars, what of it
Just give me a computer and an ipad and a tree-house
Luxury is a necessity

Oh people will frown
people will scowl
But us high-heeled girls
Ignore their howls

You can take your private planes, what of em
You can take your cigars and flush em
Just give me fine wine and I'll make this a glee-house
Luxury is a necessity


  • @colgoo  5 days
    I hope my comment didn't hurt your feelings. Illness does take its toll on relationships. I think that there should be a special class on how to do friendship on a regular basis. So many people don't know how to be supportive during rough patches. That makes those who do that well much more precious. I hope you are able to find better health and less pain soon.
  • @colgoo  1 week
    I like that you point out the simple luxuries. One of mine is a new board game to play with my friends. You can keep your high heels and your bottle of wine. I'll choose good friends over those anytime.

    Great writing here. Very relatable and a catchy, sassy energy.
  • @metalfoot  2 weeks
    Very nice lyrics!  There are indeed necessary luxuries...
  • @jessica14 3 weeks
    I am that girl that makes a connection between coffee beans and a mirror in the bathroom. It's has the finger on the pulse of the life-style of modern day women. I like this 
  • @cts  3 weeks
    I'm probably THAT person who isn't making the connection between the coffee beans and a mirror in the bathroom. I mean, I think I know, but I have a feeling I'm missing. Still - this is a solid girl power anthem.
  • @marvsmooth  3 weeks
    A nice empowered woman song there Chagall 

    Great writing, and it would make a fabulous song when set to music I'm sure.
  • @kc5 3 weeks
    Sassy! Whoa, does this song have some sass!
  • @ryuu 3 weeks
    You're so speaking from my soul!

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