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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lady of Blossoming (1996)

Lady of Blossoming

This one, the chord structure is stolen from the 14th century and I made it my own with three interweaving melodies in voice (doubled by violin), harp, and flute. It ends up seemingly Celtic, but from Mediaeval roots. It's a song for May Day.


Lady of Blossoming, awaken us to Thy bliss
O Green Lady, Springbringer, lovers joy in Thy kiss
Passion of leaf and fern, of flowering moss on stone
Wood-green light dances here, for love's delight alone

Green Lady of the wood, how shall we celebrate this day
By dancing and laughter, and loving on the first of May
Passion of flesh and bone, of heartbeat close to heartbeat
The year-wheel is turning now, merry part and merry meet

[Descant until end:]
Lord of the Green, Lady of Light
Let us now celebrate, take joy in Thy sight
Lord of the Green, Lady of Love
Soft earth beneath us, branches above

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