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Monday, February 20, 2017

Rainghosts Dancing

A poem I wrote back in 1997, and sent in to the National Library of Poetry. It was published in the "Sound of Poetry" collection book. The proof shows November 24, 1997.

It was inspired by a brief vision I saw during the big hurricane that hit Toronto in the 80s. The vision was not quite as pleasant as this poem, as the giant ghostly forms I saw dancing were in fact dancing a war dance through the streets, hunting down evil, bringing a curse on the invaders of their land. One of them looked at me, but through me; and I understood that I was not what he was looking for to destroy.

Rainghosts Dancing

silver pours over
now fertile gardens rise
trees drink deep
silver jumps
on weathered roofs
on fences
rainghosts dancing

silver streams
across our land
silver people
rainghosts dancing

silver sings
on wet sand
wet pavement shining
silver dreams a mist of green
rainghosts dancing

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